Hi I’m Colin, a brand strategist with a passion for blending the art of design with psychology, marketing and business strategy to create impactful brands and identities.

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My Journey

A bachelors degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, complemented by a minor in applied psychology ignited a curiosity about how design and human behavior intertwine.

In 2012, I embarked on my first “real” project as a freelance brand identity designer in Singapore, which was an exhilarating leap into the professional realm. In 2016, I delved deeper into the digital domain, focusing on brand building and activating websites through (brand focussed) workshops. It was during these workshops that I found my true calling – brand strategy.


Started freelancing as a sidehustle while studying


Full-time freelance identity designer and advisor, spanning agency work and working directly with clients.


Honed in on serving founders and visionaries in Technology startups with psychology-backed brand design and strategy.


Co-founded Presentise brand & digital agency. Moved from execution into strategy and branding.


Co-founded Upmarch brand consultancy, specialised in SaaS.


Helping SaaS & Tech find their brand truth, perfect positioning and activating it with design for growth, impact or both.

My Philosophy

Management of Meaning

My approach is shaped by a blend of psychology, evidence-based thinking, design, marketing and brand knowledge, all wrapped up in a collaborative spirit. I believe in building brands that don’t just exist but make a meaningful impact. It’s about crafting stories and experiences that resonate, and unite around a common narrative. 

I define a brand as the gut feeling an audience has with all aspects of an organisation. This management of the “gut feeling” and what makes you unique is at the core of my philosophy. It involves a deep dive into understanding what sets an organization apart, who their ideal customer is and aligning these two to create a powerful connection with the audience.

My Mission

setting your business up for long-term growth, big-picture impact, and lasting legacy

Continual development

My innate curiosity for all things strategic and creative keeps me perpetually engaged in research, always with a book in hand and an intriguing ‘unconventional theory’ to ponder and discuss. I understand the importance of continuous learning and adaptability, recognizing that standing still is not an option for anyone striving for success.

Life beyond work

When I’m not immersed in the world of brands and identity, you’ll find me lost in a good book, lifting weights, sketching out my thoughts, or strumming my guitar. I’ve realized there are too many hobbies to explore and never enough time!

Let's connect

I’m all about creating friendly, casual, and inspirational connections. If you’re looking to build a brand that truly stands out and resonates with your audience, I’d love to chat. Let’s explore how we can make your brand not just seen but felt.