“Do you stand out visually? Do you have a brand identity that tells a consistent, coherent story without saying a word? “

Conventional wisdom says building a strong brand is just about showing up with a cool brand name, a witty slogan and advertising that to potential buyers. Enforcing this, clarity, and consistency in all customer interactions.

I beg to differ. Building a brand will always be the reflection of the product or service itself, instead of the brand building the product. Next to the delighting of customers, that adds to your brand like a bankaccount. How does the brandeffectively communicate visually over platforms? Digital, print, but in person too. Of-course, if the product of service isn’t favorable even the best visual identity or design will not be able to save it. But if it is, it will definitely add value to you and your customers. And can make or break a good brand.

What will add to this experience that is called a brand? It all starts off with a strong concept, the foundation of the entire spectrum of visual and verbal communication. If you supply luxury garments to elderly people, not only the design but tone of voice will be totally different from other target-audiences, products, services or even the social-cultural context of your brand.

Pinpointing this strong concept and turning it into a winning, creative visual identity is the goal of the practice. It’s not rare to sketch out 20 ideas, 100 logo’s, 50 colour combinations and trying this out on different media. To be sure the visual identity works for the brand, communicates it’s values and stands out from the crowd.

We as designers have to draw a line of-course, but it illustrates the infinite search for perfection and finding that perfect idea that suits the brand like a glove. But it doesn’t stop there! Typography, visual elements, photo’s, composition, it all has to perfectly communicate and resonate with your target audience and the company itself. Then moving on to the print media, social media, online presence, packaging, applications, collateral, stationary. And the brand comes to life, visually then. Submerging the user in it’s world. From ordering something online, getting the products, aftersales and the next order. It all has to feel flawless. User oriented design, for the one thing that is always present and should always be the focus in your product, service or experience. People.

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