How does the look and feel of your brand engage an audience?

First of, by starting developing brand identities & concepts that emerge from a certain brand strategy.
Really getting to know your target audience, know what key factors the market revolve around and being up to date with the newest trends in design & technology.

Just a few things that I take into the process of designing a succesfull brand identity. These factors will decide what is the best way to position your brand on the market.
From there, I’ll translate the brand position into a powerfull brand identity,

Good art inspires; Good design motivates.

— Otl Aicher

With a strong corporate identity, you will find a way that makes the brand unique and fit the brand story. The basis of a corporate identity is formed by the logo, with any brand symbol, colors, fonts and certain identifiable elements. All these elements affect how the brand finally communicates itself visually to the end-user.

Research shows that over 85% of consumers say that the way it looks and feels is the main reason to buy a product. To illustrate this fact, each color evokes a different association with consumers. For example, the color green evokes light earlier gentleness, peace, nature, while the color red evokes a powerful, energetic and sometimes aggressive feeling. Likewise with fonts; you have creative or austere fonts. Modern or classic fonts. Handwritten personal fonts or even robust and corporate fonts. Each brand stands or falls with a powerful style. Especially now we have more and more choices on the market. Thus, we can choose from 1200 service providers, there have only been 600 clothing brands in Amsterdam and 800 restaurants in Singapore. Through this window we look beyond the product and we choose a identity that suits your brand, understands, appreciates customers, inspires and motivates.

Usually we judge by first impression. Conscious, but more often unconscious.
A corporate identity plays a major role. A strong corporate identity is distinctive, instantly recognizable and speaks to the right audience.
Most major companies and experienced business owners already know the importance of this, but even small companies can hugely benefit from investing in a well though through corporate identity.

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