“It’s official: Google says more searches now on Mobile than on Desktop”

But what does this mean for the average business owner? As of one, this illustrates the importance of a solid online presence. Where not only the website, but also social media are all in line with the core values of the brand. Telling one coherent visual story, illustrating it’s identity crossmedial.

Translating this to designers, what will we have to do to keep up with this mobile paradigm shift? Digital-first branding is already something we have been embracing for quite some time. But are there other possibilities that we can explore to make a more rich experience? Playing with visual elements to further “awe” the user?

“User experience matters, because we are experiencing so much.”

The seamlessness which brands have to showcase themselves online is crucial, especially for online resellers or service providers. If it’s not perfect on the first visit, you can say goodbye to a potential sell.
So why is this even more important now than it was a few years ago? Especially with the rise of mobile, the pain points aren’t limited to the few times someone used a bad design. The mobile paradigm should be seen as “the always in your pocket and in your face” paradigm. So a bad design won’t just hurt once, but the hundreds of times you might use the bad design in a single day. That are a lot of ouches.

Off-course there are a lot of other factors to take in account, SEO, proper UX/UI, innovative (digital-first) visual identities, beautiful code, good online marketing strategies, or brand strategies itself, etcetera..  I’m curious if someone has more insights to share about this (important?) paradigm shift?

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