I’m pleased to present you with a quick overview of the steps I take throughout an identity design project.

Design Brief

Starting with a Q&A session, the design brief clarifies everything that needs to be done to guide the process in the right direction. This Q&A session will result in a briefing where milestones are pinpointed and will keep the project in line. Questions asked in this session will range from your target audience, to the overall feel of your identity & brand.

Research & Brainstorming

While reviewing the brief and asking for more information from the client, I will begin more thorough research, brainstorming and mind-mapping to specify the direction the identity will go. Always keeping the end-user in mind, I will carve the way to a concept that will take into account the competition, trends, product/service differentiators, the current brand, the brand aspirations, the brands history and feel of the brand.

Sketching & Experimentation

After a direction is chosen, I will begin sketching and experimenting with possible visual directions. I prefer using analog tools like pencil, pen and paper to generate multiple possible directions. In contrary to using digital tools only, what will hinder creativity and put up walls. 90 of 100 sketches will not be used, but it’s the idea creation what makes it to a stronger brand. Choosing the strongest ideas & directions.

Sketching is not only for the shape or look of the logo. Color, typeface, graphical elements, look & feel are also taken into account.

Digitalisation & Presentation

The most promising ideas are then digitalised in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and mocked up on multiple media to get a strong feel of the eventual brand. These mockups are then printed remotely or on location, to see how it looks in real life. And off-course because I love the smell of fresh ink.

Making it perfect & Finishing touches

After feedback from the presentation session, I will revise elements from the elements presented. Untill it is exactly the perfect fit with the brand. The aim is to create something that will last for many years to come, so it really has to be perfect.


The deliverables are supplied via dropbox & email, so your files are always at your fingertips. Some of these deliverables are; logo in multiple formats, corporate identity booklet & whatever is specified in the project scope.

At your service

My service doesn’t end there, I’m always on hand to provide feedback on questions and print-design-related issues.

This process is just an example of how it can go, I like to work holistically, jumping around between multiple fases. Until the identity is perfectly tuned out. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I will be at your service.

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