Every project is unique, but here’s some of the things that might be in your bucket-list for deliverables.


The face and soul of your company is the logo. This can be a wordmark, a symbol or even both. If utilised well, this will be the first association that a potential customer or client will have with your brand. A well thought through (distinctive, original, memorable and corresponding) mark will significantly boost your brands recognition. Pared with a positive brand experience, can help generate more business and profits, next to instil more trust towards your customers.

Style guides

Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized organisation, I would always recommend a style guide.  The style guide maps all the visual aspects of your brand, keeping it consistent across media.


I don’t believe that digital killed print. Next to a good looking html email template and/or signature, the power of a well printed business-card should never be underestimated. With a little creativity, blood, sweat and tears of happiness, a well crafted businesscard, letterhead, envelope and other print-media can add class and a lasting impression for your brand.

Print collateral & Packaging design

A friendly invitation, a company profile, clothing tags,  jewellery cases,  a restaurant menu — in collaboration with the client, print collateral or packaging design will be pinpointed and perfected. Whatever that can make help your business prosper & reach your perfect target audience.

Signage & Promo

Whether it’s a office reception or a 40 meter billboard, signage should communicate thoroughly and clear. Giving the right message, advertising or just letting people know what you want to do or what you sell.


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the deliverables, off course these are just some of the deliverables that can peek around the corner. Bigger businesses need more than a starting webshop. And I’m more than happy to help you develop your perfect brand, from a responsive website, to signs for your toilet.

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