Interactive Traveltag

Dedicated to change the way you travel.

Each day thousands of pieces of luggage are being found, most of them unable to be returned to their owner. The Moustag Interactive Traveltag maintains the users privacy but still makes it as easy as possible for luggage to be returned.

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Using both a physical tag and app, users map their location. The geotags are then used for sharing travels with friends, and to see their bags last location.

Together with Milestone development I worked on the design of a mobile app and according web design / development. Working from scratch towards branding and the visual identity of the brand Moustag, next to designing the look & feel of the app, website and physical media. Inspired by travel and technology, the logo representing a geo and physical tag, with the soft green/red contrast depicting the principle of Wanderlust.

Client: Milestone Development
Role: Creative Director
Scope: Branding, Visual Identity, App Design, Web Design, Webdevelopment
Year: March 2014