Conscious living

Luxury & glamour in conjunction with modern spirituality, meaningful consumption and mindfulness. Boxes filled with yoga goodies, cosmetics and other stuff that just makes you feel good. Connecting female consumers with a sense of awareness and personal development. From the stressed out businesswoman to the adventure hungry housewife.

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Awareness of yourself, your dreams, wishes, goals and the meaning you give to your life. The direction and layout of your life with an intuitive lifestyle.

The woman of now who wants to be aware of what’s  hip & happening, especially on a spiritual / holistic level. Wanting to curve her surroundings & inspire new and hidden gems.

Vaedra provides a platform for the self-conscious woman. Growing in both spirituality and in caring for her body inward and outward in a holistic and hip way. Spirituality is not oldfashioned, but all now.

Client: Vaedra
Role: Art Direction
Scope: Branding, Visual Identity
Year: Februari 2016