Water purifier startup

1. Brand Strategy
2. Webdesign
3. Webdevelopment

Brand Attributes


Project Deliverables

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy workshop helped identify key strengths and create a unique positioning and visual language that sets Aquablu apart from their competitors and helps achieving their business goals. 

Funnels & Sitemap

To fully use the potential of the website in Aquablu’s marketing efforts, the funnels and sitemap were set up in close collaboration with their marketing team.

Custom Icons

Icons have been designed and implemented across the brand to help support the content, making the website simple to navigate.


Aquablu required a tailored experience, to allow all buyer personas to navigate the website easily and steer towards conversions.


To make it easier to assemble Aquablu’s product. A product configurator has been custom developed, seamlessly integrated into their website.


A webshop has been developed for both B2B and B2C, to make it easy to buy products or parts. 

Storytelling Animations

Scroll based animations were used to clearly tell Aquablu’s story. To help convey their mission and complex technological concepts.

The Brief

Aquablu required a new website that communicates its product value across multiple buyer personas. While also conveying its brand refresh. Perfectly integrating into their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Production of a well navigable, bright and positive website design. With an underlying structure that can help Aquablu with its marketing efforts. Clearly communicating the benefits, adressing painpoints and solutions.

A website that makes waves.

The website has been done in a way that the brand gets conveyed in a proper way. While mainly focussing on conversions and usability.