Kenyan / Dutch startup, revolutionising delivery transportation in Kenya.

1. Brand Strategy
2. Web Design
3. Web Development

Brand Attributes


Project Deliverables

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy workshop helped identify key strengths and create a visual language that sets eBee apart from their competitors. Alongside a messaging framework that clearly communicates the value delivered. 

Funnel Building

To properly structure the content and work through the different funnels that had to be build, we worked with the eBee team to set up the wireframes and website design in a way that worked in synergy with their marketing efforts.


A clean and bright graphical style was used across the design. This helped communicate features and benefits in an on-brand way. 

Savings Calculator

To further benefit the funnels, a custom savings calculator was build to nurture leads. Which updates in real time and informs the user of what they can save on a yearly basis by using eBee.


I’ve further build on the visual language to develop a clean graphical style and custom icons. This helped further communicate benefits, while conveying the playful side of the brand.

The Brief

Showcase who eBee is, inviting people to be in charge of their future and to ride the change with them. Positioning eBee as the market leader of electric bike services in Kenya.

The Solution

A website that not only informs, but fuels conversions.

A website that looks approachable, but not cheap, with the product benefits clearly put forward. Mobile first principles have been used to make it easy to navigate.