Sustainable Jewelry Company

1. Brand Strategy
2. Brand Identity Design
3. Web Design
4. Web Development

Brand Attributes


Project Deliverables

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy workshop helped identify key strengths and create a unique positioning and visual language that sets Segoya apart from their competitors and helps supporting their growth goals. 


The hand drawn logo conveys the organic and honest values of the brand. While also depicting the S of Segoya. The placement of the logo on the jewelry was also taken into account within the design process.


Orpheus is a feminine, but neutral typeface. This made it perfect for Segoya. Combining it with geometric Neuzeit, made for a well readable bodyfont and approachable, friendly feel. 


To properly convey the feel and values of Segoya in their marketing efforts, multiple photo’s and mockups were made. 

Custom Icons

Minimal Icons give context to the design of the webshop pages. To convey their values and design language. 

Ad Creatives

To bring the brand to life, multiple sets of marketing materials were developed. Keeping in line with the minimal and  nature of the visual identity.

Color Palette

A subdued color palette gives the brand a feminine and approachable feel. Offset with bright green natural colors for CTA’s.


To activate the brand online, a webshop was created. With a unique aesthetic compared to their competitors, allowing them to stand out. 

The Brief

Segoya Silver required a new brand identity that clearly positions them in a overly saturated market and communicate its values clearly.

The Solution

Production of a minimal, positive brand aesthetic and brand activation, to set it apart from its direct competitors.

A website that makes everything come together.

The website has been done in a way that the brand gets conveyed in a proper way. While mainly focussing on conversions and usability.